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The best probiotics for dogs this year

Probiotics for Dogs: The Best Ones in 2024, Allergies, Yeast, Diarrhea, Human Probiotics, & More

We take a look at and review the best probiotics for dogs in 2023. With our up-to-date list, picking a probiotic for your dog is easy!

The Ultimate Melatonin for Dogs Guide in 2023: Benefits, Dosage, and Best Supplements

Melatonin has been shown to be helpful for dogs suffering from insomnia, anxiety, pain, old age, and everyday disruptions. We take a look at what it does and how to give it to your canine.

Glucosamine & Chondroitin for Dogs

Osteoarthritis can affect dogs and slow them down considerably. Glucosamine and chondroitin are two ingredients that can help their mobility.

Coconut oil for dogs

Coconut Oil for Dogs

Are you supplementing your dog's diet with coconut oil? Find out why more dog owners are relying on coconut oil to keep their canines healthy and happy.

A dark Labrador puppy in a field of grass

Digestive Enzymes for Dogs

Digestive enzymes are vital for maintaining good health in dogs. We explore why and also take a look at the top 5 digestive enzyme supplements for canines.

Dog sniffing ibuprofen pills

Can I Give My Dog Ibuprofen?

If you are thinking about giving your dog ibuprofen for fever or pain, stop and read this about the dangers ibuprofen can pose for dogs.

Sick golden retriever puppy

Home Remedies for Dog Vomiting

Occasional vomiting is common in dogs and usually not something to worry about. Home remedies such as diet change and probiotics supplementation can help.

Dog being given tick preventative shampoo

Tick Prevention for Dogs

Learn how to recognize symptoms of tick disease and what you can do to prevent your dog from tick bites.

Cocker Spaniel having tick removed

Symptoms of Lyme Disease in Dogs

Know the symptoms of Lyme disease in your dog so that treatment can begin as soon as possible. Lyme disease is a serious disease that can affect your dog.

Pyometra in dogs

Pyometra in Dogs

Why pyometra affects unspayed dogs, signs of pyometra in dogs and how this serious infection is treated with an ovariohysterectomy or prostaglandins.

Overheated dog by pond

Heat Stroke in Dogs

Recognize signs of heat stroke in dogs, what to do if your dog is suffering heat stroke and the preventative measures to take for your canine.

Dog eating poop in the grass

Why Do Dogs Eat Poop & How To Stop This Behavior

Learn why dogs eat poop and whether it's related to poor health or psychological.

Labrador Retriever at veterinary clinic

Pain Relief for Dogs

Looking to help relieve your dog's pain? There are various ways to manage pain in canines through medicine and natural remedies.

Dog rolling on grass and scratching off fleas

Home Remedies for Fleas

Get rid of fleas from your dog and home with natural remedies that are safe, effective, and non-toxic for everyone.

Puppy eating from a silver bowl

A Guide to Dog Food Allergies

What foods are likely to cause an allergic reaction in your dog and eliminating signs of dog food allergies.

Dogs eating in a garden

Green Tripe for Dogs

Learn about the many health benefits of feeding your dog raw green tripe, how to buy green tripe and why commercial tripe shouldn't be given to dogs.

A Dachshund dressed as a superhero

Optimizing Your Dog's Gut Health

When you take steps to optimize your dog's gut health, you are ensuring he enjoys a long, satisfying life free from infection and chronic diseases.

Optimizing Your Dog's Health with Quality Dog Food

Are you feeding your dog quality dog food? Find out how to spot inferior dog food before you feed it to your dog.